From Conflict Actor to Architect of Peace? The Colombian National Police

We are delighted to invite you to the first edition of the Occasional CONPEACE Webinar Series. As part of this series, researchers of the programme CONPEACE ( – From Conflict Actors to Architects of Peace (University of Oxford) and international guest speakers analyse security challenges in Latin America and beyond. They explore how security architectures need to be adapted to adequately anticipate and respond to changing security landscapes with a view to promoting people-centred security. In our first meeting, we will discuss the role of the Colombian National Police (CNP).

Despite the increase in popularity of policing research, the CNP has remained largely unstudied. There is little public or academic understanding of the inner workings of the CNP, which means that researchers studying this subject are left to grapple with a significant amount of convoluted, complex data. In her talk, Laura Gutiérrez (University of Cambridge) will discuss some of the findings that emerged from fieldwork in a police station in Bogotá. She will address institutional development, policing practice and gender in the police force through some examples that will illustrate the complexity that we encounter when attempting to understand what it means to be police in Colombia.

After the talk, Markus Hochmüller (University of Oxford) will discuss Laura’s findings against the background of the debate on security governance reform in post-Peace Agreement Colombia. The event will conclude with a Q&A moderated by Annette Idler (University of Oxford).


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